Devlog prior to release 1.0.0

- Release 1.0.0
Added shuriken
Added the drone master
Added the destroyer

-beta 3
Fixed boss wave and added time bar

-beta 2
Added asteroids

-beta 1
Added bullet upgrades level 7,8,9
Added bullet frenzies

-alpha 6
Added first boss mechanic

-alpha 5
Graphical remake

-alpha 1,2,3,4
Rebalanced all prices with various tests

-development mk.5
Added bullet upgrade 6
Added planes drop powerup

-development mk.4
Added star bullets
Added magnet upgrade
Added reload upgrade

-development mk.3
Added shotgun enemy
Added laser enemy
Added space parallax art

-development mk.2
Added bullets level 2,3,4,5
Added faster enemy
Added first shooting enemy

-development mk.1
Added player 
Added bullets level 1
Added basic enemy

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